Top Things You Can Automate with Google Ads Scripts

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Google Ads scripts offer an amazing way of automating some of the repetitive tasks that may be draining your resources and money. Nowadays, there are multiple scripts you can use by copy-and-pasting the code into your Google Ads account. However, with the several free scripts to choose from, you may not be sure what works for you.

Budget Scripts

The truth is that automation done with scripts has a user-friendly interface. However, they are not ideal for automating tasks that need a lot of complicated settings or oversight by humans. Some of the vital things you can automate include where tasks can be copy-pasted. Some budget optimizations need binary decisions. For instance, you may need to check whether a given account has spent more than your monthly budget, and it can pause all the active campaigns till the next month.

The good thing about this optimization is that it does not require a fancy user interface to confirm any changes you make. In fact, it needs to pause any campaigns, send emails, and label them. Also, you can use Google Ads scripts to monitor daily spend and overall performance of your project.

Ad Maintenance Scripts

As you know, writing ads requires human intuition about the message that resonates with your target audience. Thus, ad creation is not something that may lend itself when it comes to automation. Once the ads are built, a lot of work ought to be done, like updating special offers, losing ads, and even checking whether there are landing pages. In fact, these tasks are good candidates for automation with Google scripts.

Bid Management Scripts

You should note that bid management involves a lot of mathematics, statistics, and forecasting. Therefore, it is not a surprise that letting machines do the number is the best option. You should note that bid management automation is quite complex. Fortunately, there are many bid management scripts you can use.

Inventory Scripts

You should note that scripts do not come up with award-winning ads, but sometimes what you require is a quick account buildout from the structured data. Since ad groups follow a well-defined template, it is a good idea to do automation with Google Ads scripts.

As you know, checking accounts can be a pain. However, it is vital that you know how quickly when things fail to go as planned.